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abra's evolution

@ goodwill

are they still there?
as of 7/25/20
(      )      (      )
caught in 2 weeks by dylan p
difficulty //
clues //
go to this goodwill
its in belmont, nh
go to the dvd rack
you are looking for two identical dvds
abra is in one of them and kadabra is in the other
the only difference between the two is that abra's dvd case has a pink price tag sticker and kadabra's has a green one
your vague clues are below
the dvds you are looking for came out in 2002 (however the actual movie was released in 2001)
this movie franchise is arguably the most magical series in existence, and therefore is the perfect home for abra and kadabra
a very obscure quote from the book that the movie is based off of is "one can never have enough socks, another christmas has come and gone and i didn't get a single pair. people will insist on giving me books"
thanks for playing but the game isn't over yet!
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