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magmar @
the oak hill fire tower
is it still there?
as of 7/21/21
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caught in 68 days by yeltsin c
difficulty //
intermediate - difficult two hour long hike (1000 ft elevation)
clues //
go to the "oak hill city forest hiking trails" parking lot, on shaker road in concord, nh. park and find this information board.   
take a right up the trail from the information board and follow the yellow blazes.   
your final destination is the fire tower. you can follow the map if you want to but this hike is actually super straight forward, just follow the yellow blazes for about 2 miles and you are there 
once you reach the fire tower, at the base of it there is this really cool rusty tractor/mower frame. 
head to the rockwall along the treeline in the back of the clearing.
there are 2 large trees touching the rockwall in this picture. there is a pile of cement near one of them. magmar is in a small "lion king" tin very close the that pile of cement. good luck <3
thanks for playing but the game isn't over yet!
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