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galarian mr. mime

@ frost point 

is it still there?
as of 8/4/21
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difficulty //
clues //
go to the "odiorne point state park boat launch" parking lot in rye, nh and find this information board. it is on the edge of the parking lot.  
do not go to the park's main parking lot further down the road (which doubles as parking for "the seacoast science center")
head across the bridge to your left. keep the field on your left and walk all the way down to the beach
welcome to "sandy beach" and "little harbor". about a mile to your right is the atlantic ocean!
the white building directly across the harbor is the historic, wentworth hotel, opened in 1874
take a right and walk along the beach for about a mile, keeping the harbor on your left and the woods on your right
if at any point the beach gets too rocky, just find a path to your right and head up into the woods. there is a trail on the edge of the woods that parallels the entire coast
this cute little tree growing out of the rocks on the shore marks the halfway point to frost point! look at you! you're doing great and you get something cool to look at while you take a rest  
keep walking babe
welcome to frost point and the atlantic ocean! if you stand where this picture was taken, directory behind you, up by the picnic tables there is a big craggily tree with exposed roots. galarian mr. mime is touching that tree. he is in a yellow metal tin (about the size of a deck of cards) you do not have to climb the tree to find him 
lastly, if you choose to climb out onto frost point, be very careful! the rocks are extremely slippery 
thanks for playing but the game isn't over yet!
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