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gastly's escape

from shadow lake

are they still there?
as of 7/8/20
(      )      (      )
caught in 6 days by anonymous
difficulty //
easy - intermediate one hour long hike
story //
up until 7/2/20, gastly, lived happily on the shores of shadow lake. he's a creepy nightmare pokemon, shadow lake is a creepy place, it all just made sense. however, on the morning of 7/2/20, a  seismitoad decided to move in. this sent gastly flying away in a mad dash across the street into the relative safety of the salem town forest; where he can evolve, and maybe one day go reclaim his rightful home from seismitoad.
clues //
go to the salem town forest, park, and find this information sign
if you google directions to 56 shadow lake road in salem nh your phone will bring you right to the parking lot
using this map
take a right and head down trail "a" across the bridge
about 300 feet down the trail you will come to a clearing (represented on the map by the "l" circled in purple)
during his frenzied escape from seismitoad, gastly bumped into the clearing's information sign. confused and too tired to fly away, he now sits within a 5 foot circle of the clearing's sign in a small metal tin, warning people of the potential collision danger.
Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 1.17.36 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 2.04.40 AM.png
after you find gastly make a right and head down trail "e" passing william white's bench. walk until you reach the first t-intersection in the path (about 500 feet)
the intersection looks like this
take a right
welcome to haunter's alcove! after gastly evolved haunter flew over here. he loves this little spot because it reminds him of shadow lake (damn seismitoad...)
haunter is in a similar tin to gastly and is several feet from the water's edge. he has taken a liking to one of the two birch trees in this small clearing
after you find haunter, turn around, and at the t-intersection take a right back onto trail "e". follow "e" all the way back around to the clearing where you found gastly
walk past the clearing and down trail "a" as if you are heading back to your car, however, this adventure is far from over
Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 2.29.15 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 2.35.07 AM.png
take a right onto trail "g"
g for gengar
trail "g" is one big winding hill. do not turn onto trail "b" when it intersects.
at the very top of trail "g" (before it starts to wind back down) you will find a throne made of rocks. gengar is in his tin, sitting on his throne. 
if the trail begins to head back down, you have gone to far. gengar's throne is at the very top of trail "g"
as a fail safe, all three tins are hidden along this purple line
ok have fun be safe <3
Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 2.56.59 AM.png
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