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trout god

trout god was my punk band from 2013-2019 // members included myself (drums) and david walker (guitar and lead vocals) // we played loud, fun, basement punk music in and around the new england area and even though we are gone- we still love you

self titled // july '18

track one // sex panther
track two // wolves
track three // i know you can hear us
track four // dance
track five // a message from the diy party of nh
track six // trunk
track seven // whatever
track eight // trout talk
track nine // i know you're out there
track ten // pocket change
all tracks // dave walker x killian venman
track five // dave walker
track seven // kevin campbell

spongebob punkpants // dave walker x killian venman

hage room // may '18

jam and wpcr interview mashup // dave walker x killian venman

wpcr // march '18

wolves // dave walker x killian venman

my porch // july '17
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