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i often record music with various people for various projects // here are some of those recordings

three themes from drifts (red zone, blue ice, white field) // dec '21

composer // jasmine dreame wagner
guitar // amy klien 
keyboards and electronics // sugar vendil 
cello // meghan mercier  
flute // adriana tampasis 

matt sargent // lap steel and electronics
percussion // killian venman

recorded by matt sargent 

conceptualized and directed by jasmine dreame wagner

chaos @ the lepidopterarium // june '20

bass // lyle rivera
concert flute // jooyeong hwangbo
concert flute // anna sveden 
concert flute // zimeng wang 
alto flute // jamichael frazier 
percussion // killian venman

recorded by each individual musician
mixed and mastered by killian venman

this piece was originally recorded as a part of the curriculum for nyu's 'new music ensemble' in may 2020

domestic interiors // may '20

composer // jasmine dreame wagner 
guitar & vox // lyle rivera 
percussion & vox // killian venman

recorded by lyle rivera
mixed by killian venman

please click any of the links below to view pictorial scores written by jasmine dreame wagner, paired with recordings by lyle and killian 

these scores and recordings were published in 'new delta review' issue 10.2 in may 2020

aunt petunia // singles

february 2020

lyle rivera // guitar & vox
killian venman // percussion & vox
recorded by lyle rivera
mixed by killian venman
these are various singles recorded from late 2019 to early 2020

aunt petunia // bebop hits

january 2020

lyle rivera // guitar & vox
killian venman // percussion & vox
recorded by lyle rivera
mixed by killian venman
i met lyle in mid 2019 and we quickly became experimental-music-pals // this ep includes some of our first recordings as well as a handful of 'specific environment soundscapes' akin to john zorn's 'aural-cinema'

trout god (self titled)

summer 2018

dave walker // guitar vox
killian venman // drums back up vox whistle
john gillis // back up vox
kevin campbell // left me a voicemail

recorded by matt bacon
mixed by killian venman and dave walker

this album represents my journey through college // some of these songs were written as far back as sophomore year (2014) // trout forever

lastly we recorded this intending it to be as close to a live album as possible // however the second-long delays between some songs can be very jarring // therefore track 12 is just the entire uninterrupted album // k love u bye 

javelins (jake // friends)


jake nawn // guitar & vox
killian venman // drums
dave walker // guitar
alex owen // guitar & bass
matt dunlap // guitar & vox

recorded by jake nawn <3

erly kanga // laundrymat
killjake // fox park
sLso // fox park
My Song 6 // laundrymat
jutxa // laundrymat
02 Never Again W Vox Kanga - 1 // laundrymat
01 Demosong1 // laundrymat


some other music (seven keys to effective public speaking)

summer 2015

this is a companion album to the chap book 'seven effective keys to public speaking' by ryan andrew. If you are interested in receiving a physical copy or digital copy of the chap book, please email

ryan andrew // guitar, vocals, writing, production
joe murphy // guitar, vocals production, recording
jake nawn // guitar
killian venman // percussion
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